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2012 Recognition Dinner -- 40 Years Serving The Community

July 16, 2012

Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital held its annual recognition dinner for employees on Thursday evening, June 28th at The Sherburne Base Lodge on Burke Mountain. People were recognized for years of service as well as certifications they earned over the past year. Paul Bengtson, CEO, was the Master of Ceremonies.  As usual, he hosted the evening with humor and warmth.  Approximately 150 people attended.  Said Bengtson, Im always pleased with this evening; we are deeply grateful for all that our employees and volunteers do to make NVRH the community hospital that it is.  2012 is the 40th anniversary of the hospital and we also celebrate 12 employees and volunteers who have been at the hospital for 40 years, which is exceptional.

Five Years of Service

Access Department: Joah Hahr, Christine Tacinelli,; Birth Center:  Nancy Raie; Corner Medical: Joyce Lemieux, Kelly Lovelette, Michelle Stevens, Day Surgery: Ashley Allen; Diagnostic Imaging: Julio Moran; Emergency Department:  Terri Therrien; Finance: Susan Sanborn; Food Service: Susan Lebel; Laboratory: Erica Butterfield, Dana Kennedy, Nancy Pellegrino; Medical Records: Margaret Brown, Valerie Houde; Medical Staff: Elizabeth Bengtson, MD, Andrew Goodwin, MD, Michael Hayes, MD, Susan Olsen, MD; Med-Surg: Erlene Cassidy, RN; Tisha Leo, Patient Business Services: Robin Morin; Plant Operations: Douglas Hume; St. J Pediatrics: Lisa Cote, Laurie Despins, LPN, Tori Guibord Morse; Trustee: James Newell, Thomas Paul, Esq., Deborah Yonker, RN, Volunteer Coordinator: Patricia Forest, Volunteer Services: Belinda Bernier, Gary Bernier, Alice Grossman, Dona Jackson, Hartley Jackson, Elsie Lawrence, Florence Rankin, Joan Wollrath. 

Ten Years of Service

Access: Cynthia Mayhew; Information Services: Gary Guion; Medical Staff: Jay Dege, MD, Philip Lawson, MD, Craig Schein, DPM; Med-Surg: Loretta Merrell, LPN, Yvette St. Hilaire, RN; Nutrition & Food Service: Sharon Anderson; Patient Business Services: Theresa Rivers; SPD: Pamela Eastman; Specialty Clinics: Jody Sylvain; Tobacco Cessation: Rose Sheehan; Quality Management: Donna Morris; Volunteer Services: Estelle Burton, Vita Sbarra, Carol Washburn, John Washburn; Womens Wellness: Kathleen Kerber, LPN.

Fifteen Years of Service

Diagnostic Imaging: Mark Rosengren, Tammy Thresher; Kingdom Internal Medicine: Cheryl Chesley, RN; Laboratory: Erin Perkins; Medical Staff: Thomas Broderick, DO, Christopher Danielson, DO, Sharon Fine, MD; Patient Business Services:  Sarah Morgan.

Twenty Years of Service

Emergency Department: Susan Duckett, RN, Sarah Springsteen, RN; Intensive Care Unit: Judy Thielman, RN; Medical Records: Marilyn Chamberlin; Medical Staff: Susan Gresser, MD, Karyn Patno, MD; Surgical Services: Marylou Miller, RN; Volunteer Services: Alice Carpenter, Marilyn Moulton.

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Corner Medical: Mary Howland, LPN; Laboratory: Carew Magnus; Materials Management: Donna Racine; Medical Staff: Richard Kozlowski, DDS; Nursing Administration: Veronica Hychalk, RN; Patient Business Services: Mindy Vigeant.

Thirty Years of Service:

Medical Staff: Richard Gagnon, MD; Womens Wellness: Megan Haygood, NP; Quality Management: Julie Roslund.

Forty Years of Service:

Access: Sandra Tardiff; Cardiac Rehab: Christine Douglas, RN; Day Surgery: Linda Wells, RN; Finance: Jean Lund; Nutrition and Food Service: Sheila Delworth; Medical Staff: David Toll, MD; Med-Surg: Jo Anne Choiniere, LPN, Simone Mason, LPN; Nursing Administration: Elaine Jewell, RN; Volunteer Services: Rosalie Harris, Dot McCauley, Beulah McGinnis. 

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification

Care Dolan, RN, Abby Young, RN, Jaime Gadwah, RN, Paula Geil, RN, Kathleen Killary, RN.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support & Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certifications

Rachel Coy, RN, Kara Lawrence, RN.

Asthma Educator Certification

Laura Flaherty

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing

Marilee Norcross, Kathy Butterfield

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Alexis Harper

Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services

Marissa Brink

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

Sharon Baker, RN

Master of Science Degree in Nursing

Sharon Mallett, RN

Board Certified, Med-Surg Certification

Edna Niles, RN, Yvette St. Hilaire, RN, Christine Thompson, RN, Darlene Fountain, RN.

Certified Instrument Specialist

Diana Baugh-Lopez

Certified Registered Central Service Technician

Wendy Corrow

Certified Registered Professional in Health Care Risk Management

Colleen Sinon, RN

Fitter-Mastectomy Certification

Deborah Morse, LPN

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Rose Sheehan

Master of Science Degree in Nursing and Nursing Staff Development Certification

Carol Hodges

Medical Terminology Certification

Karen Badurski

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification

Logan Pearl, RN, Cindy Taylor, RN, Terry Gray, RN.

Provisional Class 2 Water Systems Operator, State of Vermont Certification

Richard DeGreenia

RN Licensure

Melville Mooney, RN

SANE Certification

Genevieve Cipolla, RN, Janet Wilson, NP