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Corner Medical Recognized as a Medical Home

March 13, 2012

Corner Medical in Lyndon has received its second recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Patient-Centered Medical Home.  The recognition is valid for three years.  Corner Medical was first recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home in 2008.
A patient-centered medical home is a model for providing healthcare that focuses on the whole person, care coordination across all parts of the healthcare system, and a team approach to providing care within the medical office.
The patient-centered Medical Home is a promising model of primary care delivery that aims to improve healthcare quality.  Corner Medical achieved medical home status by passing a rigorous comprehensive review of standards outlined by NCQA.  These standards include:  access and communication, patient tracking and registry functions, diagnostic test and referral tracking, patient self-management support, and the use of information technology for prescriptions and care management.
"Obtaining the intial NCQA recognition required a storng commitment and hard work from the entire staff at Corner Medical, from the secretaries to the nurses to the clinicians," said Paula Gaskin, Practice Manager at Corner Medical.  "Maintaining that commitment to care and level of improvement was key to continued recognition."
There are many benefits to patients who receive care in a medical home.  Patients are key members of a health care team that includes their personal healthcare provider, nurses, onsite care coordinator and behavioral health specialist, as well as community-based members of a community health team.  Patients with chronic conditions work with their team to monitor and better control things like blood pressure and blood sugar.
Prevention and reducing the risk of disease is a priority in a medical home.  The healthcare providers at Corner Medical follow medically accepted guidelines for screening tests, and work with patients to set goals to maintain a healthy weight through healthy eating and exercise.
Early evaluations of the Patient-Centered Medical Home in Vermont and nationwide has shown promising trends in improving quality and lowering costs by avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
NCQA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality.  NCQA is committed to providing healthcare quality information for consumers, purchasers, healthcare providers, and researchers.  For more information about NCQA visit  For more informatoin about Corner Medical and medical homes, visit