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NVRH Birth Center Implements Sophisticated Perinatal System

March 27, 2012


The Birth Center at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital has implemented the GE Centricity Electronic Fetal Surveillance system.  This system allows providers and nurses to monitor both a baby’s heart rate and the mother’s contractions from a monitor located in both the mother’s room and the nurses’ station.  Information is automatically entered into the patient’s electronic medical record so that providers caring for mothers and infants have easy accessibility to the information. The information is not limited to the birthing process, but includes the entire obstetrical event, from pregnancy diagnosis through postpartum and everything in between.   

The system also allows for the possibility of less interrupted rest for both mothers and infants, since nurses can monitor progress and conditions from the nurses’ station, while being completely available to patients at the same time.
“The goal for perinatal services is to be 100% electronic.  This new program does that and so much more,” states Mindy Warren, Director of Birth Center Services.  “This will be very helpful to caregivers, mothers and their newborns.”   Warren is quick to point out that it doesn’t replace the hands-on attention caregivers give to expectant mothers, but it streamlines and enhances information intended to support clinical decision making.  It makes patient information from all key sources available when and where caregivers need it, supporting safe, efficient care for mothers and their newborns.
                The benefits of an electronic patient record are numerous.  But, the flow of accurate information that maintains patient safety is most important.  With this fetal surveillance system, physicians and midwives can access mother and baby information from an off-campus location, giving the clinical team a complete and accurate record, thereby providing informed, collaborative care.
                “It’s a win-win situation for all involved, from the time a mother learns she’s pregnant to months after delivery.  This system enhances the combination of hands-on, professional and compassionate care our birthing center is known for, with the sophisticated, technologically advanced information gathering system needed for us to continue to provide great patient care,” stated Veronica Hychalk, Vice President of Professional Services/CNO      
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