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From the Caledonian Record Headline: Former NVRH Worker Charged With Selling Drugs

May 3, 2011

From the Caledonian Record May 3, 2011
Headline: Former NVRH Worker Charged with Selling Drugs
You may have read the article in the paper today about David Charbonneau, a former employee in NVRH Environmental Services (housekeeping).   We would like to clarify some of the information included in the article.
David was employed in housekeeping on the third shift for just over one year.  At the time of his hiring, NVRH followed all standard hiring practices, including mandatory criminal background checks and past employment references.
 David did not have access to our medication supply, including the Class 2 narcotic mentioned in the article, as part of his job.  After medications are given to patients, the empty vials are properly disposed of in special containers.  It was Davidís job to transport those special containers for final processing and disposal.   The discarded vials in his possession came from this medication waste stream.   Medications at NVRH are secure, and our Class 2 drug inventories are perpetually monitored in the nursing units by the Pyxis system, as well as by Pharmacy staff in the NVRH Pharmacy.
NVRH staff cooperated fully with police before and after Davidís arrest.
We have reviewed our policy and procedures for securing our pharmaceuticals and have confirmed that we are in compliance with state and federal regulations.
The article incorrectly stated that CEO Paul Bengtson was reached at home for comment.  At the time of the call, Paul was out of state in a remote area with limited cell coverage.  He spoke with the Caledonian Record reporter, but the call was prematurely cut off.  No one else at NVRH has been contacted by the Caledonian Record on this subject.  

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