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Lory Grimes, RN, MEd, Named New Director of Physician Practices

July 31, 2012

Lory Grimes, RN, MEd, is the new Director of Physician Practices at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital.  As Director of Physician Practices, Lory is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of Anesthesia, Women’s Wellness, Specialty Clinics, Corner Medical, Kingdom Internal Medicine, St. Johnsbury Pediatrics, Occupational Medicine, Dr. Walko and Dr. Larsen, General Surgeons; Dr. Dreisbach and Dr. Gagnon, Orthopaedic Surgeons; The Ear, Nose and Throat Group, Hospitalists and Mental Health.  Daily operations of each practice include staffing, space and budget issues, as well as being a liaison and resource with the hospital administration. 
Prior to coming to NVRH, Grimes was the Practice Manager of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center-North in St. Johnsbury for six years, overseeing the daily clinical and operations of the medical hematology/radiation oncology practice.  Grimes has had a wealth of experience in healthcare at Dartmouth -- as a nurse, a care manager, and a medical secretary in several departments.   Additionally, she has been in the military, run a wellness center at a university and served as Director of Health Services at a private school.  Grimes received her RN from Norwich University and her MEd from Plymouth State University. 
 “We welcome Lory to the position of Director of Physician Practices.  Her life and professional experiences will be invaluable in managing the hospital’s Physician Practices.  She has numerous work and life experiences that make her an accomplished and capable manager, along with a solid background in healthcare,” said CEO Paul Bengtson. 
Grimes is standardizing processes across the practices, creating strong and consistent foundations, which will benefit both staff and patients.  “It’s rewarding to see people and practices succeed and grow.  I look forward to assessing where improvement and change will most benefit all involved.”
Grimes and her husband Bill have three children, Jessica, Jeanne, and Kayla.  Her hobbies include riding her horses, hiking, walking, snowshoeing and enjoying her quiet time. 

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